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Friday, June 30, 2006

Loog » General » First Salvo

The Dumb and The *Hands Clapping* are painful afflictions that one would not likely think someone of my obvious talent, or intellect has. Nevertheless, I was unable to upload a picture yet. Teh whole re-sizing thing is beyond my limited mental faculty. Anyway, I will use this space, at Bob's gracious request, to harangue and praise the undeserving and deserving alike. Rant about terrible muisc, unreadable books, and God's real gift to humanity: ALL THINGS PORK.

Thanks Bob for getting me off my (humongous) lazy ass, and forcing me to write. I can deal with massive pressure, and failing, but I cannot deal with dissapointing those that have a (strangely) high opinion of me. Hope this makes sense. Check back for an update of this weekend's 4th of July No Pants Clambake at Dr. Derris' mountain compound. (And maybe a music review or something topical)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

.....and Jesus wept.


8:51 AM  
Anonymous Sketch said...

Pork. I like pork.

8:33 AM  

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