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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Elvis Fu » Music » Neil Young - "Till the Morning Comes"

"Gone in 80 Seconds"

I consider myself to be a pretty big Neil Young fan, but I've been hit by Neil all over again just this week.

Right after "Southern Man" on Neil Young's After the Gold Rush, "Till the Morning Comes" needs just over a minute to pull back on the reins and settle the pace after Young's confrontation anthem has let go of your collar.

The beauty of "Till the Morning Comes", like so much of Young's work, lies in its simplicity and intimacy. The only lyrics are "I'm gonna give you till the morning comes, till the morning comes" repeated twice, then a taste of French Horn before Stephen Stills and Crazy Horse (Danny Whitten, Nils Lofgren & Ralph Molina) join in harmony to ride the soft breeze right back out again, but not before Stills can throw in his trademark, "whooaaa whooa".


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