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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Patrick » Music » The Mountain Goats

You might not easily recognize it through the hiss of the home 4-track recorder, but John Darnielle actually likes well-produced music. A spiritual contemporary of Daniel Johnston, Darnielle has taken his bathroom recordings and stepped into the studio on his last album, "The Sunset Tree", one of the best of 2005. With the release of the new disc, "Get Lonely", rapidly approaching, here is a small sample of The Mountain Goats back catalog, a Dead-like compendium of 2.5 minute snippets of brilliance. Click on the link above.

Track listing
1. Dilaudid (Marrtronix Version)
2. Onions
3. Color In Your Cheeks
4. Evening In Stalingrad
5. Linda Blair Was Born Innocent
6. See America Right
7. Love Love Love
8. Jenny
9. Alpha Desperation March
10. Old College Try
11. Mountain Goats Shirt Song (Live)

(Not meant in any way to detract from current or future Podblasts)


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