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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hip-D PodBlast » The BlooGAR Show » Vol. 3

"Sweet Home Alabama"

For this edition of the PodBlast, I took the show on the road to LooGAR's turf, Montgomery Alabama. Sequestered in his office, we fought some technical problems (to be expected when moving so much sensitive equipment), but in the end soldiered on to bring you the worst in entertainment. We do hope that you enjoy it. As always, comments are appreciated--maybe we will read some on the air next time.


Blogger DumpJack said...

I finally got to hear this today; good stuff again, you got the flow going. Liked that Zevon song a lot, always reminds me I should check more of his stuff out. Maybe for a future show, grab a few songs from all the mixes that have been posted (Mott, Alice, Stones etc).

8:09 AM  
Blogger BBroken said...

Just in case you guys were trying to piece it together, here's what went down at that infamous Georgia/Auburn tailgate:

You two show up with about half a swallow left in a giant bottle of vodka. Must have been an entertaining two hour drive down. I remember Krauth being exceptionally drunk and we're not even at kickoff yet. I'm guessing he drank most of this bottle himself.

Although drunk, Krauth is still somewhat coherent at this point. The game starts and we're all loud and still have hope that we'll actually win. However, the game goes to shit pretty quickly and we get quiet on our side. Krauth is no longer coherent, and stays slumped in his chair and occasionally mumbles something that nobody understands.

As the game gets into the 3rd quarter, it gets even worse and Georgia can't even score one damn touchdown. Krauth hasn't spoken for some time at this point. After one of many horrible plays, Dave smacks Krauth on the leg and says something like "Jesus Christ we suck!". Krauth doesn't move or say a word. A couple of plays later, we see more garbage from Georgia. Krauth gets another smack in the leg from Dave and another comment like "We are fucking terrible!" Krauth speaks clearly for the first time in 2 hours..."Touch me again and I'll fucking kill you."

30 seconds of uncomfortable silence....those around Krauth have heard what he said and he sounds serious.

Another smack in the leg from Dave and he says, "Dude, what the fuck is wrong with you?!"

I guess that third smack along with Georgia's awful play sent Krauth over the edge.

I guess you could call this a fight, but it was more like a couple of retards (one giant, one skinny) fucking.

After the special olympics cage match was over, they realized it might be time to head home. They probably came to this realization by catching the uncomfortable stares of others at the tailgate.

I think the 4th quarter had just started and they were already gone. Before they left, Dave promised to take Krauth home and "kick the shit out of him".

I actually found all of this quite entertaining. Other people's grandparents in attendance did not.

I think enough time has passed where you could come on back for the Georgia game at Auburn this year, but I expect an even better show this time. Maybe hurt some Auburn fans or something.

4:52 PM  
Blogger Yail Bloor said...

Holy shit, B--dat fungy!!!

5:05 AM  
Blogger Loog said...

That's pretty much how it went down.

I will definitely be in attendance this year. Glad you got to hear it B.

6:38 AM  

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