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Friday, October 20, 2006

Hip-D PodBlast » Staff Inflection » v2.0

We have a lot of people now so that means a lot of songs and not much talking...The contributors and their contributions:

Yail Bloor: Chickisaw Mudd Puppies - "Superior"

FT: Glossary - "Poor Boy"
The pride of Murfreesboro, Tennessee are back with this killer track from their recently-released sophomore effort, For What I Don't Become. In the same "Alt-law" vein as Drive-By Truckers, Marah, The Drams and fellow Tennesseeans Lucero, Glossary proves to be more literate than most casual listening carpetbaggers are wont admit when it comes to such rough-and-tumble Southern bands. This track provides plenty of evidence of their lyrical genius, in such lines as "The night aint over ‘til everybody sins," and "I can’t promise I wont change; only a fool wants to stay the same." And they're solid musicians, to boot! There's nothing not to like here, so give it a listen and take in the all the Southern Fried goodness. -- Blurb by FT

Darrin Frew: Roddy Frame - "Shore Song"
As one of the select few to record and release material for the spellbinding Postcard label in the early 80's, Roddy Frame will always have a place close to my musical heart. That said, 'Shore Song' ,a track from Frame's sadly ignored new album, has been selected purely on merit and stands as a glittering testiment to the enduring appeal of a man, a tune and a well played acoustic guitar.--Blurb by Darrin Frew

Jasmine: Archers of Loaf - "Web In Front"
From the simple drum opening to the chaotic lead vocals over chorus closing, I can't find one thing wrong with "Web in Front" from the great Archers of Loaf debut Icky Mettle. This is one of those songs where the lyrics don't make a lot of sense ("Sampled your rust from a faucet, I know/I've got a magnet in my head/A magnet in my head/Extra thick, extra long, the way it was wasted." - what?), but the emotion in singer Eric Bachmann's voice is enough to convince me that there's a lot more to these simple lyrics. Personally, I just love singing "All I ever wanted was to be your spine!" while rocking out in my shower. I hope you love it as much as I do. And I hope Yail reads this blurb. -- Blurb by jasmine

Stacey: Hartley Goldstein - "The Mystery of George Harrison's Beard"
I picked up the 'Songs in the Key of Zoloft' ep at Kim's in St. Marks December of last year because the cover appealed to me. The cheapness (as it's only an ep) appealed to me too. Also appealing to me was the title. Oh, and what the little info sticker said on the front appealed to me as well (something about "neurotic pop and meta-folk"). Hartley Goldstein has been called the "David Sedaris of Indie rock". That might appeal to you. It may also be appealing if you like Belle and Sabastian, the Shins, Devin Davis or John Darnielle. He sings about Diane Keaton as Annie Hall sometimes. That's kind of appealing, no? -- Blurb by stacey

Elvis Fu: The Rugburns - "War"

OPA!: Beirut - "Brandenburg"

Mark H.: The Goddamn Doo Wop Band - "Rooftops of Bangor"
Oldies music was my first love, and the fact that I've yet to outgrow it like I have heavy metal and Weird Al, shows just how awesome that 1955-1963 era really was. I'm all for modern groups that milk the oldies influence (e.g. The Pipettes), but I like my modern oldies to feel and sound authentic. The God Damn Doo Wop band have the girl-group harmonies, the ramshackle rhythm section and the party-squonkin' sax - all the necessary ingredients without the artificial production sweeteners. When I listen to the GDDWB I'm not really thinking of them as a band or even as a homage; they're more like a documentation of a decades-old sound that still sounds great in 2006. -- Blurb by Mark H.

Patrick: Ass Ponys - "Astronaut"
So, I found that I liked The Long Winters, but wished they sounded a little more like Lucero. Prayers answered with this, the second track off Cleaver and Co.s fifth full-length, 2000's "Some Stupid With A Flare Gun". So good... -- Blurb by Patrick

Loog: George Jones - "If Drinking Don't Kill Me (Her Memory Will)"
George Jones was JAIL before I knew the meaning of the word. He's drunk more whickey, slain more gash, played more shows in the Donald Duck voice, and gotten more DUIs on riding lawn mowers after his wife hid the keys to all 7 of his cars, than you've beat your meat to Jenna Jamison. Yet, after all that, The Voice remains, and the songs are still some of the best things going TODAY. This song should hit anyone whose ever drowned the sorrows of a break up right in the gut. -- Blurb by Loog

We'll be back much sooner. I promise.


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