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Friday, December 08, 2006

Elvis Fu » Music » DownloadPunk.com

DownloadPunk.com is a new player on the legal music downloading scene, but the real highlight here is that the MP3 or WMA files you buy are free of DRM restrictions. From the FAQ: "By purchasing, you are authorized to use your files as you would buying a CD. Similarly, you are not authorized to duplicate and distribute the files to others." Sounds fair to me.

Now I'm well behind the curve, because I've never purchased a digital file from any online service thanks to DRM restrictions. Rites of Spring's self-titled may break my cherry, however. Pricing is par for the course. Single tracks are 79-99 cents, and full albums are $7.99-$9.99. They also plan on throwing out some specially priced comps in the future as well.

I don't listen to as much punk today as years past, so I feel pretty unqualified when trying to gauge the quality of the artist roster on DownloadPunk. The #1 Most Downloaded Artist is the Dead Kennedys, and it's obvious that Alternative Tentacles and Dischord are on board without even looking very hard. Some surprises in here, however. I'm not sure I would call The Wrens or Mark Kozelek punk, but it's nice to see that they have a wider range of offerings that it appears at first glance.

The interface is a bit clunky, but I do like that you can browse the Artists and Labels. Maybe if I actually buy something I'll report back on that process as well.


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