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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Best of 2004: #10 -- Neko Case The Tigers Have Spoken

I generally find live albums to be about as useful as a fishnet condom. More often than not, they serve no purpose other than to chronicle an endless parade of poorly-executed drum solos and drunken crowd renditions of the hit song's chorus. The Tigers Have Spoken is a refreshing exception to that rule, as it showcases the magnificent versatility of Neko Case's glorious voice.

She performs a wide range of songs, from the rip-snortin' roadhouse rocker "Loretta" to Loretta Lynn's catty country classic "Rated X." The highlight of this set is the title track, a poignant pop paean that leaves you with a feeling of inspired melancholy. Whether she's belting out a traditional standard, like "This Little Light," or wearing her heart on her sleeve waiting for "The Train from Kansas City, Neko's in her natural habitat.


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