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Monday, December 13, 2004

Best of 2004: #19 -- Daryll-Ann Don't Stop

I've been a fan of Dutch indie rockers Daryll-Ann since stumbling upon a couple of free downloads from their album Happy Traum at epitonic.com a couple of years ago. When I learned of their new release, Don't Stop, earlier this year, I began what became a multi-month quest to find a store that actually carried this album. None of the obscure indie record shanties stocked Daryll-Ann, nor did any of the well-stocked online stores. Eventually, as I was just about to give up, I finally found Don't Stop at an obscure Netherlands-based website called smokeandapancakerecords.com (or something equally Goldmemberesque).

Though Don't Stop was harder to find than a T-cell in David Gest, it was certainly worth the effort. These harmonious Hollandites continue to impress with their versatile sound. From the ominous "Freeway" to the rollicking "Movin' Men," this album's got more changes in mood and tempo than Howard Dean on a defective Stairmaster. There's just about something for everyone here...the only trick is finding someplace you can buy it.


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