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Monday, December 27, 2004

Best of 2004: #4 -- Sunset Valley Goldbank 78 Stack

After waiting three years for a new album from Sunset Valley, I had just about given up hope, when I just happened to stumble upon news of their latest release while surfing the Barsuk website one afternoon between my fourth and fifth meals of the day. Even though the album was being self-released by the band, Barsuk was still kind enough to offer online distribution, so I decided to take the plunge and cough up the money I had been saving for my desperately needed breast reduction surgery. While I'm still lugging around these double-Ds, I still have to say my cash was wisely spent.

Goldbank 78 Stack is relentless in its objective to rock your ass off, coming out swinging with a 1-2-3-4-5 punch of full-throttle songs to start the onslaught. The second of these, "Grubby Cartoon Hands," has an uncompromising elastic riff that just might make it THE song of the year. And just because the album starts amazingly strong doesn't mean there's a letdown from there, as evidenced by such irresistable bizarreness as "Mr. Extreme Jeans," which scores bonus points for managing to reference the single most underrated Looney Tune, Foghorn Leghorn. I say, I say it's a travesty this album has gone virtually undetected. If they would just let the chicken hawk handle promotion...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You just made me spew coffee all over my computer...Thanks, FT.

"I say, keep your eye on the ball, son. Your eye on the ball. Eye...ball. Eyeball. Get it?"


6:18 AM  

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