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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Detroit Cobras - Baby

Rough Trade

I loved listening to the latest in a long line of lyrically lewd and lascivious LPs from The Detroit Cobras, Baby. (Yeah, I know four releases isn't enough to constitute a "long line," and one of the four wasn't even an LP, but I was infected by the alliteration bug like so much hantavirus...just roll with me, here.) Led by rambunctiously raunchy Rachel Nagy, they once again mine the vaults of rare early '60s roadhouse R&B for another hip-shaking hullabaloo.

Rachel and the boys hit garage gold at every turn with their sly selection of obscure cover tunes, such as the smouldering Cropper/Hayes/Porter-penned Stax-era "Weak Spot" and Betty Harris' long lost "Mean Man." But the album's standout track is actually a Detroit Cobras original, the quadruple-entendre "Hot Dog (Watch Me Eat)." It certainly bodes well for an all-original album in the future, should they choose to record one. Even if they don't, they're still the best at bringing the wrong side of the tracks from the days of Camelot to The Nukeular Age.


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