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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

FT » General » Back in Blog

Somebody cue Brian Johnson, because I'm back, baby!

It's not really like I've got any more free time than I did when I decided to put Hip-D on hiatus, but I really miss having this outlet for my nonsensical rambling, so here I am. I'll probably hold off on writing any reviews until my year-end "Best Of" list, but will still try to post here fairly regularly. I doubt it will be every day, but I'm pretty sure I'll slap something up here at least once per week.

OK, now that I've resurrected this rotting corpse, I guess I'd better start coming up with some type of content...I'll go shake the cobwebs out of my gray matter and see if I can't channel the narcotically-enhanced ghost of Hunter S.


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