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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

FT » General » W.T.F.? L.O.L.!

If T.A.T.U. taught us anything, it's that America loves Russian teen lesbians. But those sapphic commies also provided us with a valuable bonus lesson: America loves forced acronyms. From M*A*S*H to S.W.A.T. to S.N.U.H., we just can't get enough of those clumsily-formed abbreviations. And since our mission here at Hip-D is to unapologetically pander to our most coveted of all target demographics, the Lowest Common Denominator (or, should I say, L.C.D.), we'd like to introduce a pair of painfully constructed acronyms of our own into the blog lexicon...

Whenever there's an album I end up listening to on the iPod equivalent of endless loop, I will make a point of bestowing A.T.O.M., or Album That Owns Me, status upon it. This will typically include a half-assed blurb that no respectable publication would rightly consider a review.

Whether during the course of listening to an entire album or simply letting the iPod randomize individual tracks from my entire collection, I often become overly enamored with a specific tune. So, every time I can't get one out of my head, you'll get S.I.C.K., which stands for Song I Can't Kick.

Well, that about wraps up our little anagram discussion for today. I hope you found this to be scintillating. If not, go "Van Halen's 9th album" yourself!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

welcome back! [paladisiac]

8:41 AM  
Blogger FT (Bob Bland) said...

Thanks, rockey!

12:42 PM  

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