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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

FT » Music » Donald Fagen - "Rhymes"

I've been a huge Steely Dan fan for decades (yeah, I'm old), but while I've gleaned some mild enjoyment from the 21st Century Dan, they seem to be stuck in too mellow of a groove. And although the vast majority of the latest solo album from Donald Fagen -- Morph the Cat -- remains comfortably ensconsed in aural velvet, the album's closing track packs an unexpected wallop straight from the glory days of Stax. If I didn't know any better (and I'm too lazy to look up the liner notes), I'd swear this was a Staple Singers song with Fagen sitting in for Pops. It's nice to be able to respect myself again and openly admit that Steely makes me happy. Yeah, I know this is officially solo Fagen, but I need to come up with some forced references to keep all of my forced acronyms company.


Blogger The Artist said...

i haven't been a fan of Fagen since he pimped out the Artful Dodger

3:02 PM  

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