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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hip-D PodBlast » Sixer » Sunset Valley

This is the first edition of the "Six-Pack" version of the Hip-D PodBlast, which will feature six of an underappreciated artist's best songs rolled up into a single MP3 for your listening pleasure. To kick things off, let's pop the top on some Sunset Valley...

Based in Portland, Oregon and fronted by Herman Jolly, Sunset Valley has released four outstanding albums since forming in the late '90s. The tracks featured in this Six-Pack are taken from all four of these albums. Here is the tracklisting, along with the album and release date:

  1. "Red Thai Sunday" (from 1998's The New Speed)
  2. "Megapills" (from 1999's Boyscout Superhero)
  3. "Wired Nights" (from 2001's Icepond)
  4. "Grubby Cartoon Hands" (from 2004's Goldbank 78 Stack)
  5. "Happily Frozen" (from Boyscout Superhero)
  6. "Touch You" (from Icepond)

For more info, check out the band's website at http://www.sunsetvalley.net.


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