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Thursday, August 03, 2006

jasmine » Music » Frightened Rabbit

When a friend told me about a Scottish band called Frightened Rabbit, I thought, “Well, I do love all things Scottish, so I’m sure I’ll love this band.” Not so fast, Jasmine. I found after one listen to Sing the Greys that it was lifeless and boring and I didn’t get anything from it. I quickly forgot about it.

Then, through the magic of iTunes shuffle, I heard the gorgeous chorus of “Behave!”: “Behave… behave… I don’t know quite how to behave/Behave… I don’t have a clue how to behave when I’m around you…” and now I’m hooked. I would compare them to Maximo Park. Perhaps as a lo-fi kid brother. Other fantastic songs include "Be Less Rude"and "Yawns". The music's simple, the lyrics are heartfelt.

Anyway, listen to the songs that I've posted and pick up the album. Unfortunately, their touring is still confined to Great Britain, but perhaps someday they’ll jump over the big pond and visit the US.

And come on… who couldn’t love a couple of crazy kids who have this on the front page of their website

“Frightened Rabbit are a drummer called Grant, born in 1984, and a guitarist called Scott, born in 1981. We are brothers and are therefore related. We don’t have anyone else in the band because we don’t have any other friends who are awesome


For more information on Frightened Rabbit, check out their website or myspace page.


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