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Monday, September 04, 2006

jasmine » Music » so i don't get fired from hip-d

Here's a little fill-in on what I've been listening to lately:

King Biscuit Time - Black Gold: This is a side project of Beta Band member, Stephen Mason. When I first heard, "Impossible Ride" last week, I thought, "Hey, now here's a Beta Band song that I haven't heard...". So, that's what this album sounds like... the Beta Band.

The Lights - "Mr. Pussy": The Lights is a Seattle band and "Mr. Pussy" is a song that sounds a lot like Joy Division. The drumming in this song is comparable to Jimmy Chamberlain's thud thud on "God" by the late, great Smashing Pumpkins (yes, I said great). Around the two minute mark, singer Craig Chambers breaks out his very best Ian Curtis impression and I eat it up like a little kid eats a bag of candy. Look for their 2006 release, Diamonds and Dirt.

In other music news, I'm going to the Touch and Go 25th anniversary celebration this weekend. Scheduled to appear: Shellac, Big Black, Ted Leo, Shipping News, Tim & Andy of Silkworm (without the deceased Michael Dahlquist around, I'm sure this set will be a tearjerker), Calexico, Black Heart Procession, Tara Jane O'Neil, Man... Or Astroman?, Seam, and many, many more. I'm excited to see how many punk rock kids from the 80's and 90's make an appearance this weekend. I hope to have pictures, too.

ami la musica!


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