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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

jasmine » Film » Rocky Balboa

When I received the email asking, "Do you want to see Rocky Balboa tonight? Sly's scheduled to appear.", I'd just had a long day and was feeling kind of crabby and bored. Sure, I could use a laugh, so I said yes. It's not like celebrities ever show up to these things anyway...

Rocky Balboa's not even scheduled to open in theatres until Christmas Day, so I felt privileged, even after waiting in line for a half hour and in the theatre for an hour and a half. As movie time was approaching, the buzz became a little louder about Sly showing up. I first heard that he was at his hotel, then in the building. When the camera crews came barreling into the theatre, I knew it was real. Sylvester Stallone walked into the theatre, said a few coherent, kind words and introduced his new movie.

I really thought that this was going to be a horrible, cheesy movie. Stallone wrote and directed the film and since I associate real life Stallone as being just like Balboa - a big, dumb ape with a heart of gold - I wasn't expecting much. Boy, was I wrong. Stallone's character was just how I'd imagine Rocky to be at 55+ years of age. He was out of fighting shape, slow and fairly low-key, running a restaurant named after his late wife, Adrian. He seemed like he was only interested in doing goodwill toward others and didn't have too much "tough guy" to him.

What piqued his interest in getting back to boxing was a fight simulation that ESPN computers conducted between 1970's champion Rocky and the current heavyweight champion, Mason "The Line" Dixon. Dixon's a 20-something kid with a bad attitude. He's hardly the bad guy, but there were a few moments where I thought an ass-beating would probably knock him down a few notches.

So, yeah, Rocky trained and fought Dixon in an exhibition match at the end of the movie. I won't say who won the fight, but I will say it was very anticlimactic.

Overall, I think this movie's worth seeing. If you have a son between the ages of 10 and 17, take them. It's a good dad/son movie. Enjoy.


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