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Sunday, November 19, 2006

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This has been an interesting year for music. Putting the Days to Bed by The Long Winters is still at the top of my list. However, I don't remember another year where I've heard so few albums that have caught my ear, yet they've really stuck with me. Guess it's quality over quantity this year.

I recently picked up Let's Get Out of This Country, the latest release from twee pop darlings, Camera Obscura. Because they're Scottish, Camera Obscura can really do no wrong in my eyes. However, I believe that it's okay to experiment with different sounds from one album to the next. Although this album is excellent for what it is, it would be nice if it didn't sound so close to their last effort, Underachievers Please Try Harder.

If you like pornography dressed up in an arthouse film costume, please proceed immediately to the nearest showing of Shortbus. The new John Cameron Mitchell film tackles the touchy subjects of finding that elusive female orgasm, open (gay) relationships, suicidal tendencies and the nature of bdsm relationships. All of the main stories are connected by a secret club in NYC called Shortbus, so named because of the likeness of its "special" or "different" users. At Shortbus, you can do whatever you want and Mitchell's definitely not afraid to show everything. So, proceed with caution. It's a sweet story with a LOT of sex.

The Shortbus soundtrack, however, totally easy on the ears and full of music that I've not heard anywhere else. Two pleasant surprises are from stars of the film. Sook Yin Lee, as Lee & LeBlanc, contributes "Beautiful"and Jay Brannan sings about being a lush who's hitting rock bottom in the poppy, "Soda Shop".

Other recent purchases:
Up Jumped the Devil - Robert Johnson; A two-disc set which I got from Tower for $5.99 (after the 40% liquidation discount!).

Jukebox Hits 1943 to 1952 - T-Bone Walker; I tortured myself a little bit with this one. The first mixtape given to me by my ex-husband had the song "I Want a Little Girl" as the first track. I haven't listened to the song in years, so I bought this album and sat down and listened to it today. Memories and emotions came flooding back, but it's worth it because I now own an amazing blues gem.


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