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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hip-D Top 20 of 2006 » #11 » Built To Spill - "You In Reverse"

Any year that releases a Built To Spill album is a good year. A band that shapes such wonderful, sometimes indescribable, auras of sonic goodness is few and far between. Doug Martsch’s brilliant guitar work and unique voice create a distinct sound that is unmistakably Indie Rock ™. That being said, though, the band really has covered a lot of ground over the years: fast-paced fuzz pop, prog-ish endurance-testing jams, mellow ballads, and everything in between. However, these sounds tended to come at us one album at a time. You In Reverse has changed that.

“Goin’ Against Your Mind” avalanches right out of the gate, while “Traces” shifts gears back to softer pace. “Conventional Wisdom” is an epic jam, and “Mess With Time” awakens your insides electro-shock style. I don’t want to say that Built To Spill has taken everything that was good about their old albums and rolled them into one – that would be just too good – my head would implode or something. This is something else. This is a veteran band proving that they still got it, while at the same time, showing you that it was never something singular – a man and his guitar can make you see all the sides of sound, You In Reverse is the passport to that exhibition.

-- Mark H.

Mark H.'s Favorite Track: "Goin' Against Your Mind"

This album appeared on the following staffers's lists:

  • Yail Bloor (#2)
  • stacey (#10)
  • Mark H. (#17)


Blogger Sketch said...

My #2. Great album from a great band.

7:30 AM  

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