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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hip-D Top 20 of 2006 » #19 » La Rocca - "The Truth"

I rarely trust the opinions of others when it comes to music. I doubt that most people have the awesome taste in music that I have. So, when some guys in a message board chat room were talking about La Rocca’s The Truth, I put off listening to it. “It’s probably guy music and it probably sucks,” is what played over and over in my head. Eventually, I gave in and downloaded the bastard. And you know what? It’s a fantastic straight ahead, no frills pop/rock album. Sometimes compared to Keane, no doubt because of their piano-driven songs, I hear sounds of The Rolling Stones, Jayhawks and Supergrass.

The Truth opens with “Sketches (20 Something Life).” The song starts off with a little bass, then a little drum, then the piano kicks in, and with a big old rock star, “YEAH!,” the song kicks into full gear. Before you know it, you’re balls deep in a perfect pop song. Plenty of other songs evoke the same excitement, such as “This Life” and “Eyes While Open.” On the other end of the spectrum are some great tunes which make you want to sit back with a few beers and some good friends. The title track sounds like their tribute to Mick Jagger, but also might be an apology from the singer for lying to his lady friends. And closing the album is “Capitol Pill,” a beautiful song which is quite reminiscent of Whiskeytown.

-- jasmine

jasmine's Favorite Track: "Sing Song Sung"

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  • Yail Bloor (#19)


Blogger Yail Bloor said...

The Stones/Jayhawks/Supergrass comparison is perfect.

4:59 PM  

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