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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hip-D Top 20 of 2006 » #20 » The Black Keys - "Magic Potion"

"Dirty", "crunchy", "gritty", "rock and roll!" [\m/]. The Black Keys have quickly become one of those bands I will buy a new release from sound unheard. When I listen to them, I get the urge to turn the lights off and dance in some sort of erratic manner...possibly in my underwear. They don't generally veer from their niche (groaning, sneering vocals, fuzzy guitars, menacing drums), but why would they when it all works so well?

On Magic Potion, The Black Keys keep on keepin' on, but even more smoothly than before. As my brother put it, "it's like the drums and the guitar are one instrument." There's everything from the occasional ballad ("You're the One") to the downright catchy ("Modern Times"), but it's all unmistakably simple and oh-so Black Keys. They may not be groundbreaking, but they know their strengths, work with what they have, and manage to entertain this scantily-clad bedroom dancer with each release.

-- stacey

stacey's Favorite Track: "Modern Times"

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  • stacey (#8)
  • FT (#10)
  • Elvis Fu (#16)


Blogger Sketch said...

This track is pretty damn good. My first exposure to the new one. Liked Rubber Factory enough.

7:36 AM  

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