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Friday, December 29, 2006

Hip-D Top 20 of 2006 » #3 » Drive-By Truckers - "A Blessing and a Curse"

This album is my #5 of the year, based solely on The Truckers' name only. I have been kicking around some riff about The Truckers being "My New OutKast," because they have grown up with me with each release. And, like TEH 'KAST, they have lost me a little on this one. This album is almost Adult Contemporary. I like all the songs, but none of them have the "immediacy'"of all the releases since SRO. And the themes are blunted by the Fleetwood Mac-esque production. I have not seen any of these songs live, so I may be off, but a lot of them sound like filler, or mid-tempo songs that could be a good break between the hard rockin and the slow burners.

If that Isbell song about his friend The Marine were on here, I could justify my ranking of this, but as of now I almost can't, I love several songs ("Gravity's Gone," "Easy on Yourself," "February 14th," "World of Hurt") but where's TEH RAWK?!!? I know this is a strange review for an album rated so high by me and the collective, but after running through it 3-4 times driving around Texas, it's my honest opinion.

-- Loog

Loog's Favorite Track: "Gravity's Gone"

This album appeared on the following staffers's lists:

  • Yail Bloor (#1)
  • Loog (#5)
  • Elvis Fu (#8)
  • stacey (#11)


Blogger Sketch said...

My #7. "Gravity's Gone" on the shortlist for my song of the year. I agree that a little extra crunch would be nice, but there's something about this that seems a bit more cohesive than The Dirty South. I still prefer the '04 release (slightly) due to point-of-entry bias, but both albums show how talented this band is.

And yes, I'm sure Decoration Day and SRO are wonderful.

7:44 AM  
Anonymous oldbullee said...

I think you summed up how I felt about his album pretty well, Dave. However, it has grown on me and moved in my top 10. The only song not included in your best of tracks is Aftermath, USA. In the end a lesser DBT record is alot better than most of the stuff I've heard this year.

7:58 AM  
Blogger whykiki said...

I will never listen to this band.


The Anti-Sixth Column Resistance

12:15 PM  

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